Power to the people – and sound and light. SunHub elevates Plateau Picnic to another level. SunHub adds a third ‘plateau’ to the furniture, enabling new technical features and new application possibilities. With SunHub, Plateau Picnic become more than just a piece of furniture, it becomes a social ‘hub’. It allows users to listen to music via the built-in speakers and Bluetooth connection, charge their phones wirelessly or by cable and PC-charging. In the evening light from the SunHub grazes the tabletop, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The SunHub is 100% solar powered, resistant to weather conditions, intelligently controlled and CO2-neutral.

Holscher Design

In 2015 out-sider invited Holscher Design to participate in our competition to design the bench set of the future – and they won!

The winning proposal was primarily selected for its graphic and iconic basic form, yet it was also a cohesive, innovative piece of furniture featuring a large number of seats facing one another. After a couple of minor adjustments Plateau was created in 2016.

PLATEAU is design protected.

Technical data

Materials + surface
Base and top: Steel, galvanized and powder coated in matte silver texture. RAL 9006, texture, gloss 10
Solar panel glass: 4mm tempered glass with integrated solar panel
Display top: 3mm Break-free polycarbonate (PC)

Dimensions & weight
L1400 x W305 x H130 mm (L55” x W12” x H5,1”), 43 kg (95 lbs)

Solar cells
Monocrystalline black solar cells, combined 60W of power – laminated onto 4mm tempered glass.
Panasonic 12V/15Ah, cycle-battery Faston 250 with a nominal lifetime of 4-5 years. A fuse is connected to the battery “+”, to avoid short circuiting, in case of malfunction. The fuse is removed before the battery us replaced. 2-year warranty.

Intelligent processing for efficient energy storage and optimal function of all product features. Built-in RTC-clock.

Storage mode
Sunhub is delivered in ‘Storage mode’. The electronic components are in sleep mode to conserve battery charge during delivery. When Sunhub has been exposed to daylight, or powerful artificial light, for approximately two hours, the product features will automatically turn on. When the product is functional, ‘Storage mode’ will disappear from the display.

Non-optional features
The integrated LED-strip underneath the solar panel, fitted on both sides, automatically turns on when it gets dark, via a preprogrammed clock, programmed specifically for the customers location. The light is dimmed to 20% when no people are around. During the long winter nights, the light is turned off to preserve battery charge.
LED: 2 x 1200mm, white, 3000K

The display is built into the top part of the Sunhub, just under the display-glass. It shows the icons and battery status on the optional features. The battery status is depicted as a cannister with three markings. (no power, approx. half power, and approx. full power)

PIR-motion sensor
Underneath the solar panel at each end, motion sensors (PIR) are mounted. They sense movement up to 3 meters from the table.
When the motion sensor senses movement, it signals the SunHub to turn on the electronics features in SunHub. If there is no movement for 60 sec. the electronics go back into ‘sleep mode’. If the light is on, it will dim to 20% power, when the motion sensor senses no movement. When the motion sensor is activated the light goes back, up to 100% power.

Optional Features
Power charging

2 or 4 x USB outlets for phone charging, every outlet is 5V/3A

Under the display glass 2 x QI chargers for wireless charging is built in. Both QI chargers are 10W.
Built in 12V/230V inverter. Limit: MAX 150W. (if this limit is exceeded, outlets will not deliver power)

Four wireless bluetooth speakers, two on each side. The SunHub will appear on mobile devices Bluetooth options. Connect to SunHub via Bluetooth and it will become a speaker in your playback option. The mobile device is controlling the sound volume. Range required to connect to Sunhub depends on your personal device but is generally within 2 meters from the SunHub – in case of several Sunhubs in the same location, the Bluetooth range disallows connection to the wrong SunHub by mistake.

7 main variants are supported. On request other configurations can be made.

Mechanical strength
IP 44 waterproof / IK classification: IK 8 / Corrosion class: C4

2 x elongated stainless steel discs are removed. SunHub is placed in the exposed holes. Fasten the SunHub with the bolts and nuts left over from the removal of the discs.

No maintenance, apart from occasional cleaning and battery change.

The top part of SunHub is kept clean of leaves and dirt to maximize the light hitting the solar panel. We advise to clean the glass with regular soap and water or alternatively glass cleaner when needed. The power outlets are IP44, resistant to rain and water splashes. But do not clean with a high pressure cleaner.

+10 years, Battery change after approx. 5 years.

#177 Plateau Picnic O, I, L: Table/bench set 8-12 people, Open or closed bench, handicap and stroller friendly.
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Design protection
Registered EU community design/number 00662822vvvvvvvv (Alice)

Tender Text
Solar powered charging-, light- and sound unit for installation on table/bench set.
Materials: Galvanized and powdercoated steel base and top. Solarcell with 4mm tempered glass. Built-in charging of mobile devices, speakers and LED-light. Built-in electronics, RTC-clock and battery.
Dimensions: 1400x305x130mm (55”xW12”xH5,1”). Mounting: For installation on table/bench set.