We are always open to new ways of using our products. It helps us to revitalize and challenge our approach to the urban space. Please contact us with your quirky ideas:

Visualization of the Loop Line in composition with two custom-made Loops split in two halves. The composition is surrounded by HopOp500 and Scoop, Netherlands.
Visualization of Loop and HopOp in an ​​activity arae at a school in Belgium.
Visualization of 3 Loop benches integrated in a climbing tower with built-in light (Loop Light) in Kolding, Denmark.
Visualization of Boa, Loop and Loop Arc in a schoolyard, Belgium.
Visualization of compositions consisting of Loop Arc and Loop Line in a schoolyard, Belgium.
Visualization of Loop used for indoor environment in Shopping Center in the city of Esbjerg, Denmark.
Visualization of a park area in Søllerød, Denmark. They featured sitting products are Starfish, HopOp and Loop.
Visualization of Loop Arc and Loop in a park area at Sterrenhemel School, Belgium.
Visualization of Loop and Scoop in an indoor environment in a shopping center, Belgium.