Plateau suits all weather conditions thanks to its durable and solid material.
Spring is just around the corner, and soon we’ll all be wanting to sit outside, soaking up every little ray of sun. At out-sider we have a great variety of solutions for creating a great picnic spot...
out-sider goes off-grid - free light, no cables! See our new product family: innovative, solar powered urban light products, especially well suited as ambient and guidance lighting for walking,...



Plateau is basically a table surrounded by an integrated bench to invite social interaction. Its graphic, minimalist expression is rooted in Scandinavian design traditions.. The combination of round and rectangular shapes = optimum utilization of space 12 seats = low...


LAVA invites informal breaks and creative expression on it and around it. This organic seating unit fits into urban spaces, parks, schools, institutions and company headquarters alike. The highly inviting shape of LAVA attracts children and adults. Seats 5-7.


No nonsense bollard with integrated solar power in two heights. Ambient and guidance lighting. Free light – no cables – no installation issues. Low version: Along public walk / running / bicycle-routes or in parks and paths. As guide or...


The idea bank consists of products that have not yet been put into production or are custom made. ORB Sea is a luminous underwater element reacting to the sounds of the city. ORB Sea is a family of water lights...