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High table, medium table or low table - all for urban space. A maintenance free sit/eat/socialize unit, in three different heights, making it well suited for both children, youths and adults - for the school, the park, the terrace or anywhere you like.

In 17 different colours and 3 different heights, Miramondo Picnic can really add some life and dynamic to a space.


HPL – High Pressure Laminate has traditionally been used for worktops. However, in recent years the beautiful colour combinations it offers has made it an attractive material for building facades. Taking our cue from this material we challenged this robust material and bent it to function as handsome, comfortable furniture for public spaces.

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Technical data

Seat/tabletop: robust, multi-layered and dyed 11mm HPL (High Pressure Laminate) available in 17 colours. Highly UV- and weather-resistant, solid mechanical quality and durability. Frame: Hot galvanised steel with textured, steel-grey powder-paint. Approx. colour code RAL 7024

L2000mm/W1540mm. 3 different heights: low/620mm (suited for children), medium/720mm and high/920mm.

4 x Ø12mm. Brackets for surface and ground fixation to be ordred separately.

Maintenance-free and easy to clean. Graffiti removes easily.
All parts can be individually replaced in case of vandalism.

Also available with larch wood.

Product code
183 01 Miramondo Picnic Low
183 02 Miramondo Picnic Medium
183 03 Miramondo Picnic High

Maintenance free table-bench
Material: Robust seat / tabletop in multi-layered and dyed 11mm HPL (High Pressure Laminate) in 17 colours. Frame: Hot galvanised steel with textured, steel-grey powder-paint. Approx. colour code RAL 7024
Dimensions: L2000mm / W1540mm. 3 different heights: Low version: seat height 390mm/table height 620mm (for children), medium version: seat height 450mm/table height 720mm and high version: seat height 650mm/table height 920mm.
Fixation: 4 x Ø12mm. For surface and ground fixation.


Standard colours
Cloudy Anthracite: NCS S 7502-Y
Cloudy Brown: NCS S 7020-Y60R
Cloudy Grey: NCS S 4502-Y
Dark Blue: NCS S 5030-B
Dark Petrol: NCS S 5540-B10G
Dark Red: NCS S 5040-Y90R
Neon Blue: NCS S 2065-R90B
Neon Green: NCS S 1070-G60Y
Neon Red: NCS S 1085-Y90R
Neon Yellow: NSC S 1060-Y20R
Pale Blue: NCS S 3020-B10G
Pale Petrol: NCS S 4010-G30Y
Pale Red: NCS S 4040-Y80R
Solid Anthracite: NCS S 7500-N
Solid Cloud: NCS S 2000-N
Solid Grey: NCS S 4502-Y
Solid White: NCS S 1002-G50Y