Solar-powered LED lights integrated in a paving stone - no power cables or maintenance. Tolerates 22 tons 'drive-over' by cars and turns on automatically after dark - even in winter when the sun light is minimal. Ideal for both existing and new facilities as paths, patios, parks and green spaces. Also for use on vertical surfaces such as walls.

Technical data

Solar powered LED lighting paving stone, designed to adapt concrete blocks, embedded and mountable on gravel, tarmac, soil - even walls.

Square 99x99x62mm

Housing: Stainless steel (304). Top: Molded clear UV stable and scratch resistant polycarbonate (PC) with moulded non-skid pattern.

Light feature
The light is refracted in the transparent and square patterned top. The light turns on / off via a sensor (app. 50 lux). 4 hours of charging in sunlight (900w/m2) generates 8-10 hours of light.

Light unit
Solar cell: Monocrystalline solar cells. Energy storage: 3 supercapacitators (in total 300F/2.7V). LED: 2 pcs. 0.2W white Nichia LED (4,000 degrees Kelvin). Also available with red, blue or green LEDs as a variant colour.

To be buried. Mount in a hole to fit product and fix into place with concrete/tile adhesive, and glue optionally to the edge with silicone. Can be mounted directly in tarmac. Sunstone requires approx. 2 days of light absorption to reach operational mode. Place Sunstone in an open area - do not place under trees, pergolas etc. Avoid areas with powerful artificial night-time lighting.

Mechanical strength
IP-rating: IP68 / IK-rating: IK10 / Max. press.: 22 tons

Working temperatures
- 20 to + 60 degrees Celsius.

Maintenance-free, no wear parts inside.
Keep top free of dirt to ensure max. sun capture

Product code
011 0100 Sunstone, white/0,7 kg
011 0101 Sunstone, red/0,7 kg
011 0105 Sunstone, blue/0,7 kg
011 0102 Sunstone, green/0,7 kg

Solar-powered LED lights integrated in a stone - no power cables or maintenance
Housing: Stainless steel (304). Top: Molded clear UV stable and scratch resistant polycarbonate (PC) with molded non-skid pattern.
Light unitpp. Monocrystalline solar cells. 2 x LED milliwatts. Energy storage: 3 supercapacitators.
Dimensions: Square 99x99x62mm
Fixation: To be buried or cast in cement, tarmac, in terrain, or in walls.

Standard colours
White (cool)
Variant colours