HPL - material

HPL - material

HPL – High Pressure Laminate comes as flat sheets made from paper fibre and wood pulp pressed together with phenolic resin glue at high pressure and high temperature.

The surface is made from pigmented resin tempered using electron beams. The smooth, robust surface from the HPL material is easy to clean and allows for easy removal of graffiti.

The sandwich-construction and the combination of materials combine to form a highly robust material, suited to many years of outdoor use.

The HPL material that is used for outdoor furnishing is typically 8-12 mm thick.

Unlike wood, HPL products does not become moist, nor does it feel hot/cold like steel and concrete.

HPL fades minimally when exposed to sunlight (UV level 7-8 out of 10) and is not impacted by wind and weather. It is maintenance-free and easy to clean.
Cleaning can be carried out using ordinary cleaning agents and/or high-pressure cleaners.
At the end of its lifecycle HPL-objects and products can be cut up and used as building filler.

HPL cannot be set alight by cigarettes, matches or lighters, but only using gas burners.

Application temperatures range from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius.