Orb Sea water lights, Denmark

Orb Sea water lights, Denmark

light installation / orb sea

In the past few years, waterways, canals, ponds etc. have been a prominent feature in Danish urban developments, to get the benefits from water into the cityspace. Often is forgotten that such areas seem a bit eerie after dark, with the darkened water - but there are solutions for that.

In collaboration with local authorities and activity groups, out-sider have launched these 7 glowing ‘water creatures’. The intention with these ORBs, is to add a bit of storytelling magic to the community, with these poetic beings, that interact with the noises and voices from the passers-by, by changing colours.

ORB is developed by out-sider - with Live Art Installations’ light technician Thomas Jørgensen and light programmer Jácome Armas.

Products:  #170 ORB Sea
Design: Live Art Installation and out-sider