Pilot project – Copenhagen foodscapes, Denmark

Pilot project – Copenhagen foodscapes, Denmark

Urban space/Loop and Plateau family

Gehl, a global leader in people centered urban design, is conducting everyday life research to make the most healthy food choice the easiest choice. How might the urban environment provide a healthier diet when what is on offer is quick, cheap and unhealthy food?

Gehl architects, Copenhagen Municipality, Copenhagen University, EAT Foundation and other partners are working on a 3 year EU funded project to study the food habits of young Copenhageners. Gehl developed two pilot projects taking place in Copenhagen area, Nørrebro and Vesterbro, to create new food environments for youth.

The goal is to invite young people to areas they love and introduce healthy affordable foods for them to eat. out-sider has been invited to participate and contribute with, among others, a new and decorative interpretation of Loop arc.         

What a great way to support a local community!


#177 Plateau L / Design: Holscher Design
#157 HOPOP 500 / Design: out-sider
#137 LOOP Arc / Design: AART Designers