Regimentpark, Housing Fair 2020, Tuusula, Finland

Regimentpark, Housing Fair 2020, Tuusula, Finland

Urban Space / Plateau O, SunHub
Tuusula’s Regiment Park began with a vision of the village of the future combining various types of housing with a strong sense of community that makes everyone feel at home. The August Housing Fair presented a neighbourhood that is densely populated yet still very close to nature, along with a wide range of different living solutions.

The exhibition paid special attention to energy solutions from the outset, and many of the exhibits harnessed wind, solar or geothermal energy. In that connection our distributor Vitreo presented the great features and applications of Plateau and SunHub.

Regimentpark, Housing fair 2020, City of Tuusula, Finland

Customer: Vitreo Ltd

#177 Plateau O / Holscher design
#189 Plateau SunHub
/ Holscher Design

Construction company: Ramboll
Year: 2020