RHS Wisley Gardens, Surrey, UK

RHS Wisley Gardens, Surrey, UK

Urban space/Point Sun, Sunstone

The Royal Horticultural Society's garden (RHS) at Wisley, Surrey is one of five gardens run by the Society and the second most visited paid entry garden in the United Kingdom, with an average of 1.1 million visitors annually. Founded in 1903, Wisley is a large and diverse garden covering 240 acres.
For this project our local partner, Artform Urban Furniture, was asked to supply a range of solar powered lighting elements. The requirement for the job was for external lighting in prominent parts of the gardens to assist with wayfinding when dark, and this is where out-sider’s Point Sun and Sunstone came into a picture.

The Point Sun and Sunstone are 100% cable free, self-charging ambient light sources, adding a huge sustainable value from an environmental aspect as they use renewable energy directly from the sun. The end result is that visitors and staff can now walk around safely in the dark thanks to eco-friendly lighting.
RHS Wisley Gardens, Surrey, UK
Distributor: Artform Urban Furniture