No nonsense bollard with integrated solar power in two heights. Ambient and guidance lighting.

Free light – no cables – no installation issues.

Low version: Along public walk / running / bicycle-routes or in parks and paths. As guide or pathfinder.
High version: Between public walk / running / bicycle-routes and roads or plazas to prevent parking or limit traffic.

Technical data

Material and surface
Bollard: Extruded aluminium, primed and powder coated in matt texture (gloss 10).
Light unit: Top in UV-stabilized polycarbonat (PC), bottom in polyoxymethylene (POM).

Ø80 x H300 or H900mm above ground. 

Light function
Guide- and atmospheric light.
During daylight hours the solar energy gets stored on a battery - through a solar cell. At dusk the light will turn on (via a preset clock) and light up all evening and night, according to the charged energy. At sunrise the light will turn off again.
The light is omni-directional and directed horizontally and downwards through a reflector and frosted cylinder.

Light unit
Solar cell: Monocrystalline, 300mW. Battery: NiMh, 3.6V/3.100mAh. LED: 4 x white, 3000K. Elektronics: Intelligent processor controlled for optimum energy storage and light optimization incl. RTC-clock.

Light unit fixated by a M6mm security pin.
Product buried 300mm or surface mounted via 3 x countersunk Ø11 holes in flange (F version - with flange).
Recommended distance between products: 1 - 2m or according to the application.

Mechanical strength
IP-rating: IP 65 / IK-rating: IK 8 / Corrosion class: C4

Maintenance-free, except for change of battery.
Keep top free of dirt to ensure optimum sun-capture.

25+ year, but battery is to be changed in approx. 6 years.

Customized heights and other RAL colours available. Also available in other lightcolours: blue, red, green, cool white.
Other battery type, other light profiles, logo/name to be integrated in the illuminated top.

Product codes
#319 01##  Point Sun 300, white LED / 1.3kg
#319 02##  Point Sun 300F, white LED / 1.6kg
#319 11##  Point Sun 900, white LED / 2.8kg
#319 12##  Point Sun 900F, white LED / 3.1kg
#319 9050 Point Sun light-unit (spare part), white LED


Light bollard with integrated solar power.
Material: Bollard: Extruded aluminium, primed and powder coated. Light unit: Top in UV-stabilized polycarbonat (PC), bottom in POM.

Light unit: Monocrystalline solar cells. 4 x LED. Battery for energy storage: NiMh. Intelligent processor, RTC clock.
Dimensions: Ø80x300 or 900mm. Mounting: For surface and ground fixation.

Standard colours
(approx. RAL)
#08 Anthracite: RAL 7016 (Noir 2100)
#03 Orange: RAL 2008
Silver: RAL 9006