Fiberglass - material

Fiberglass - material

Fibreglass products are produced from glass-reinforced polyester with a dyed gel-coat top layer (like sailing boats).

This is a light material with great strength due to the sandwich construction. It is typically 10-20 mm thick.

Unlike wood, fibreglass contains no moisture, nor does it feel hot or cold like concrete or steel.

GEL-coated fibreglass fades minimally when exposed to sunlight (UV level 7-8 out of 10) it is not affected by wind and weather and is easy to clean (ordinary household cleaning agents, high-pressure cleaner, etc.) and maintenance free.

In case of minor scratching or fading due to light exposure, the surface can easily be restored with ordinary polish.

At the end of its lifecycle fibreglass objects can be cut up and used for building filler.

Fibreglass cannot be set alight by cigarettes, matches or lighters, but only using gas burners.

Application temperatures range from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius.