Karen Blixen’s Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

Karen Blixen’s Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

School / Point Uplight

Let the light shine through!
We are proudly sharing another ‘feel good’ project, where out-sider delivered a bespoke version of Point sun light (Point Uplight) to a beautifully designed bike parking by Copenhagen University square, formally known as Karen Blixen’s square.

University’s bike parking gives a space for 2100 bicycles, which are discretely hidden under the curvy hill, while leaving the rest of the stylish urban landscape intact. These small, artificially made hills, have a double purpose: to make bicycles less visible in the cityscape, while providing additional seating spaces for young students.

Karen Blixen’s prestige project is financed by A.P. Møller fund, and designed by COBE, one of the leading architects in Denmark.

A great example of how design and functionality can go hand in hand.
Inspire and Be Inspired!

Karen Blixens Plads, The University og Copenhagen
Architect: COBE, one of the leading architects in Denmark

Product: Point Uplight – Special edition of #319 Point Sun

Check out few stunning project images here: Karen Blixen Project