OBSTRUCT concrete plinths are designed for streets, squares and temporary installations that call for a combination of security and low visual impact.

These organically shaped concrete plinths feature 3 adjoining 'islands'. Elements are non-directional and may be arranged in formations to create small spaces or paths between products.

The shape and height of 55 cm inviting pedestrians to stop and rest. They support living, inviting urban spaces and can replace concrete barriers currently being positioned in city streets to temporarily reduce vehicle speed.

OBSTRUCT needs no mounting. Their mobility allows the securing of temporary installations, events and other areas requiring traffic regulation and counter-terrorism measures.


One and a half years ago I became aware of the urban vulnerability towards lunatics willing to weaponize vehicles. Many, many sketches and some sad events later OBSTRUCT stands as a result of this awareness. OBSTRUCT is created for all the urban citizens that experience the visual contamination of their surroundings with bland concrete blocks.

OBSTRUCT is created for rapid deployment in case of emergencies or events. OBSTRUCT is used to regulate traffic and to define safe urban areas. OBSTRUCT is one designers attempt at fighting the lunatics.

OBSTRUCT is design protected.

Technical data

Molded white/black/grey poured, armoured concrete. Highly durable and weather-resistant.
Concrete is a dynamic material. Minor shrinkage cracks may occur over time.

2300 x 1230 x 550mm. Seating height 550mm.

Positions directly on the ground. Hollows in the bottom for forklifts and 3 x M16 threads in the top for 3-point lifting. Weight of 1.5 ton eliminates need for mounting. Obstruct can be stacked for transportation.

Maintenance free. We recommend anti-graffiti coating to ensure easy removal of dirt and tags.

Available in white, grey or black concrete – or dyed to client specifications.
Extra units may be mounted in the 3 x M16 threads in the top of each unit.

3 x M16 steel eyebolts - stainless or painted red.

Design Protection
Registered EU community design /
number 0047240450001

Product code
324 0150 Obstruct hvid / 1,5 ton

900 L110 Steel eyebolt M16, red powder painted
900 L111 Steel eyebolt M16, stainless steel
900 L112 Steel eyebolt M16, hot galvanized

Standard colours
(approx. RAL)
White: RAL 9003
Variant colours
(approx. RAL)
Anthrasite: RAL 7016
Grey: RAL 7004