PLATEAU plinth presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. 
Shape and size of the plinth gives space for 5-6 people in socially oriented formations. Suitable for all age groups.  Side-table mounting option is available.
Variety of combination meets functional needs and creative aesthetic solutions.
Plateau is produced from durable materials requiring no other maintenance than soap and water.

Holscher Design

In 2015 out-sider invited Holscher Design to participate in a competition to design the future table/bench set– and Plateau Picnic won!
The winning proposal was primarily selected for its graphic and iconic basic form, yet it was also a cohesive, innovative piece of furniture featuring a large number of seats facing one another.
Since then, Picnic table/bench set series has been extended with additional models. Our latest series are bench, plinth and seats – same form and material as the rest of the PLATEAU family.
PLATEAU series is design protected.

Technical data

Seat: 2.8m, robust, multi-layered and dyed 12mm compact laminate. Highly UV- and weather-resistant, solid mechanical quality and durability.
Frame: Hot galvanized steel or hot galvanized steel + textured, anthracite powder-paint. Approx. colour code RAL 7024.
Disc: Bead blasted stainless steel.

Side-table: ø270 mm high pressure laminate arm/table and ø42mm tube in hot galvanised steel.

2750L x 550B x 430Hmm.
Seats for 5-6 people
4 x Ø14mm holes. For surface fixation. Fixation recommended to avoid capsizing.
Delivered partially assembled: HPL and steel frame are premounted, legs are not mounted on a product.
Frame + HPL are available in other colours.

Side-table: ø270mm, 1 or 2 side-tables, side-table and armrest in one, can be mounted in 4 different positions and on each side – max. 2 side-tables. Bolts included.    

Picnic O, I, L, bench, seats, wall version.
Accessories f. Picnic: SunHub, Techhub, Point Sun.

Maintenance-free and easy to clean. Graffiti removes easily.
Design protection
Registered EU community design /number 0066282280003

Product code
193 0123  PLATEAU Plinth, corten HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0122  PLATEAU Plinth, cave HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0121  PLATEAU Plinth, sky HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0105  PLATEAU Plinth, steel blue HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0118  PLATEAU Plinth, olive HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0163  PLATEAU Plinth, corten textured HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0162  PLATEAU Plinth, cave textured HPL/galv./39 kg
193 0161  PLATEAU Plinth, sky textured HPL/galv./39 kg
193 02xx  PLATEAU Plinth, HPL/paint./39 kg

196 PLATEAU Site-Table


Tender text
Maintenance-free plinth
Material: Robust seat, multi-layered and dyed 12mm HPL (High Pressure Laminate) in 5 colours and 2 textured surfaces. Highly UV- and weather-resistant. Frame: Hot galvanized steel or hot galvanized steel + textured, antrachite powder-paint. Approx. colour code RAL 7024. Dimensions: L2750 x B550 x H430mm. Seat height: 430 mm.
Side-table: ø270mm high pressured laminate seat/backrest and ø42mm tube in hot galvanized steel.
Seating: 5-6 people.
Fixation: 4 x Ø14mm holes. For surface fixation.

Standard colours
(approx. RAL)
#26 Golden Yellow: RAL 1018
#18 Olive: RAL 6013
#5 Steel Blue: RAL 5024
#25 Terracotta: RAL 8011
#23 Corten: RAL 8011
#22 Cave: RAL 7043


Design is the glue that ties it all together and makes a product work.
When it comes to Danish design, there is a belief that design must be created for the people.

See PLATEAU's DNA… 2 min video