Power to the people – and sound and light. SunHub elevates Plateau Picnic to another level. SunHub adds a third ‘plateau’ to the furniture, enabling new technical features and new application possibilities. With SunHub, Plateau Picnic become more than just a piece of furniture, it becomes a social ‘hub’. It allows users to listen to music via the built-in speakers and Bluetooth connection, charge their phones wirelessly or by cable and PC-charging. In the evening light from the SunHub grazes the tabletop, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The SunHub is 100% solar powered, resistant to weather conditions, intelligently controlled and CO2-neutral.

Holscher Design

In 2015 out-sider invited Holscher Design to participate in our competition to design the bench set of the future – and they won!

The winning proposal was primarily selected for its graphic and iconic basic form, yet it was also a cohesive, innovative piece of furniture featuring a large number of seats facing one another. After a couple of minor adjustments Plateau was created in 2016.

PLATEAU is design protected.

Technical data

Solar-powered, with 4mm tempered glass and laminated 60W solar cell, built-in 12V/15Ah battery with 5 years lifetime including indicator display.
Base and top: Steel, galvanized and powder coated, matte silver texture, RAL 9006.
Dimension: L1400 x B305 xH130 mm, weight: 43 kg.
IP 44 waterproof / IK classification: IK 8 / Corrosion class: C4
Lifetime +10 years, battery replacement approx. every 5th year. 
All SunHub models have an intelligent electronic with built-in RTC-clock, programmed according to a respective geographical location.

Non-optional features
Light: Integrated LED-strip underneath the solar panel, fitted on both sides. White colour, 3000K.                                                                           
Display: Shows icons and battery status on the optional features.
PIR-motion sensor: Motion controlled light adjustment and general power consumption.

Optional features
USB charging: 2 or 4 x USB outlets for charging of mobile phones, every outlet is 5V/3A
QI wireless charging: 2 x 10W QI chargers under the glass display
Sound: Built-in 4 x speakers. Connected via Bluetooth from the user's device.

To be mounted on the top of Plateau Picnic by unmounting 2 steel discs from the tabletop.

Tender Text
Solar powered charging-, light- and sound unit for installation on table/bench set.
Materials: Galvanized and powdercoated steel base and top. Solarcell with 4mm tempered glass. Built-in charging of mobile devices, speakers and LED-light. Built-in electronics, RTC-clock and battery.
Dimensions: 1400x305x130mm (55”xW12”xH5,1”). Mounting: For installation on table/bench set.


Power to the People

With PLATEAU Sunhub we have created perhaps Denmark's most social furniture. It invites people to the city space. A modern table / bench set with integrated technology "power to the people". Just awarded the design award IF Design Award.
Watch the video - and find out what PLATEAU SunHub can do.

Film and editing: Karina Tengberg