Team out-sider

We have courage and a pulse that soars high in our thoughts. We thrive on challenges and love positive experiences. We surround ourselves and collaborate with active, positive individuals whom we trust and respect



CEO / Partner

Ib Mogensen

T: +45 2261 7420 E:

Ib Mogensen is the majority shareholder, managing director and head of development.

Ib is an engineer and has worked as development and marketing director at Louis Poulsen Lighting, development manager at Thorn & Jakobsson and product developer / project manager at Bang & Olufsen.

The obvious passions are design. Ib sits on the boards of other companies, including serving as the chairman of Nimbus Motorcycles Denmark, which is why he also enjoys riding a motorcycle in his spare time.

Marketing and Sales Support Manager

Maja Papic

T: +45 6014 6080 E:

Maja has a Master’s Degree in Design & Communication Management – and have previously worked at audio and hearing aid industry, where her main focus was directed towards events planning, sales and marketing in EMEA markets.

Music and dance are an integrated part of Maja’s DNA and motto: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ has been following her in all aspects of her private and professional life.

Client Advisor, Denmark

Peter Bjerrum

T: +45 3164 7494 E:

Peter has a strong background from the construction industry, working as a consulting consultant on many major construction projects, where park furniture or playgrounds should be considered.

Peter enjoys vacationing with his family in the summerhouse in the North of Sealand, where both he and his wife come from.

Marketing Manager / Partner

Alice Vinkel

T: +45 2147 5684 E:

Alice has experience in marketing and project management, with a background as a management trainee at ISS.

Previously, she has worked with project management and communication at Phønix Tag Materialer and Thorn Lighting.

The visual and ‘making things happen’ is a passion for Alice, who is motivated by an active lifestyle in city spaces or nature.

Student Helper

Mads Salbæk


Mads is studying for a Master’s degree in Materials and Production Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Design, which has provided him with extensive knowledge in sustainable design processes.

He has a significant passion for both cycling and movies, spending a considerable amount of his free time either in the cinema or on the open road.


Sales Director / Partner

Bjørn Cronquist

T: +45 3030 5467 E:

Bjørn Cronquist is sales director, partner and responsible for sales at out-sider.

Bjørn is holding a degree in international marketing, and is a graduate of AVT Business School and INSEAD too. He has previously worked with sales and business development at Microsoft, TomTom, Boxer TV and European ERV.

In his spare time, Bjørn loves skiing and is politically active in his local area.

Finance & Supply Chain Manager / Partner

Johnny Mikkelsen

T: +45 4014 7494 E:

Johnny has a past in the computer industry and has many years of experience within warehousing, logistics, procurement, order management and economics.

In his spare time Johnny plays both soccer and billiard.

Logistics Manager

Adam J. Petersen

T: +45 2494 0725 E:

Adam is our Logistics Coordinator and responsible for transport and logistics. He is trained in freight forwarding and shipping and has experience in optimizing services, transport and logistics.

Adam always takes pride in his work – both on and off the pitch. He has a great passion for sports and especially football, which he plays in his spare time. He is a frequent traveller and always has a vacation planned with his girlfriend.

Marketing Coordinator

Ramlah Zahor


Ramlah has a background in communication. Her natural talent for writing shines through when she collaborates with Alice to create insightful and effective content.

Apart from her dedication to work, Ramlah is a creative soul who spends her free time brainstorming for her next poetry collection.

The team

An agile organization with short response times – always committed to leaving our customers with a positive impression

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