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Life between the houses should be experienced and enjoyed – together or individually. Outdoor spaces function as meeting places, zones of experience, and areas for relaxation. We become happier and healthier when we spend time outdoors. The sense of community is strengthened and provides opportunities to meet across interests, ages, and social affiliations
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We work passionately to inspire advisors with urban furniture that enriches, excites, and leaves positive impressions in urban spaces – for the enjoyment of everyone

Design your urban space with ViZU

Experiment with shapes and colors and design your urban space with the ViZU tool. Once you have designed it, you can view your design in AR – in your own environment

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En mand der sidder på Plateau Picnic O bordbænkesæt og bruger ViZU, et virtuelt program på sin computer

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Tre fiskere, der tager en pause på et blåt Plateau Picnic O bordbænkesæt

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Add products by clicking the heart, and view your Moodboard by clicking on the heart in the top menu. Here, you get a visual overview of the selected products, including measurements and technical data. You can choose to have a PDF sent to your email and share it with colleagues who might be working on the same project

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Outdoor spaces function as meeting places, zones of experience, and relaxation areas. Together with our partners, we have created many positive transformations in cities all over the world