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out-sider is Denmark’s leading supplier and manufacturer of sustainable and beautiful solutions for urban furniture in parks, playgrounds, and various other public spaces. Our table-bench sets, bike racks, bollards, and many elegant lighting solutions can be seen in numerous major cities worldwide

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PLATEAU takes a new, modern approach to urban furniture. While inviting people to socialize in flexible ways, this Scandinavian design fits into any architectural style with its soft, organic forms and clean Nordic color palette. The PLATEAU family is designed, cut, and made from a single piece of long-lasting, paper-based HPL, offering a timeless, sustainable solution for urban furniture




The LOOP family has a wide range of modular elements that provide endless possibilities for creating interesting configurations that accommodate creative and social interaction. Play or sit on, next to and between. 16 different modules in polyethylene in 10 colors and maintenance-free material


Bollards that effectively secure an area while also adding aesthetic value

Solar powered light

Lighting and technology to ensure safety on the road, assist in finding your bicycle, or simply create an atmosphere. Many of the products are solar-powered

Idea lab

Here we brainstorm new innovative products, concepts, and ideas that have not yet gone into production. Some are developed based on a project, while others remain as product ideas on the drawing board

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