Orb Land, special project

Bisgaard Landskab

More than just a bench. out-sider was  asked to create a bench to distance pedestrians from a set of low-hanging window boxes, preventing their hard corners from causing injury. Financial resources were limited, so the focus was on a form of recycling to skip a step in the production chain. The project aimed to repurpose an existing form, the ORB, suitable for modification. Bisgaard Landskab designed a new three-legged supporting steel frame, resembling a stool that could be adjusted to fit the ramp’s inclination. The frame is hot-dip galvanized, while the seat, made of polyethylene, has been given a subtle purple color that complements the silver-colored frame of the ORB

out-sider's idealab is a repository of creative and unique products, some of which have been delivered as custom solutions for specific projects, while others remain as ideas on the drawing board

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What does the flask mean?

25% = Early sketch from the designer or out-sider, therefore only an idea or concept and yet no details. An estimated price for a specific quantity can be requested

50% = Sketch or visualization from the designer or out-sider. It can also be delivered as a one-off product. Prices with quantities can be requested

75% = Prototype or product, often executed as a special delivery and therefore only missing optimizations, data, and more details. Prices with quantities can be requested

100% = A standard product that is fully completed in all aspects and can often be found in our price list