Murska Subota

Murska, Slovenia

The Motoric Park is a remarkable project representing a harmonious interplay between sports and architecture. This area has been created as a result of interdisciplinary efforts, uniting sports facilities and the surrounding architecture into a unique whole

At the heart of the park’s design are 34 meticulously crafted exercise stations, serving as the cornerstone of the entire project. These stations are thoughtfully designed to enhance individual motor skills, offering a unique opportunity for the development, and strengthening of various motor disciplines. They play a pivotal role in shaping the park’s identity. Complementing these exercise stations, the park features four inviting picnic areas, providing visitors with a cozy space to relax and enjoy the outdoor environment. A standout feature of the park is its playground, seamlessly integrated as a natural part of the project. The incorporation of Loop Circle adds an elegant touch to the surroundings. This project stands as a living testament to how human creativity and collaboration can come together to create something both beautiful and functional, enriching the local community

The playground is integrated as a natural part of the project. Here, Loop seating furniture is elegantly incorporated into the surroundings

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Loop Cone placed in the center of a Loop Circle functions as a backrest. A plant can be placed in the middle of the Cone, or you can choose a top plate to cover the "hole"