Nørre Snede

Nørre Snede, Ikast-Brande, Denmark

The former town center of Nørre Snede, which described itself as the hyphen in Ikast-Brande Municipality, sought to find its new identity. More than a hundred citizens participated in the efforts to define and develop their town

In an urban renewal project in Nørre Snede, more than a hundred citizens were involved in developing new spaces and services in their small town – a new bus terminal, a village square and green commons. The citizens’ analysis served as starting point for the whole award winning project. out-siders Amager Chair was chosen with custom colour and cut logo, to enforce the feeling of local identity

#129 Amager Chair

Kristine Jensen

Project Landscape Architect
Gustin Landskab

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The Amager Chair, featuring a punched city logo and a specially chosen color, was selected to enhance the sense of local identity

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With its logo on the backrest, the Amager Chair allows for the creation and reinforcement of local identity. It features a lightweight and simple design made from sturdy wire, heavy enough to remain in place yet light enough to be moved and arranged in various formations.