Søren Kirkegaards Plads

Copenhagen, Denmark

Transformation of Søren Kierkegaard's Square: A temporary parking space with the chicane

Søren Kirkegaards Square in Copenhagen has been temporary turned into a parking space.
Ministry of Transport has chosen Chicane to mark parking lots, where out-sider’s cone shaped product, concrete moulded, brings a great harmony between heavy bottom and light and sleek top. Chicane has a double function too: being a space friendly while protecting trees from being hit by a car

#325 Chicane

GHB Landscape Architects

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The CHICANE concrete bollard is designed in an elliptical cone shape, perfectly suited for installation in patterns and repeated formations to achieve access restriction. When hit, the CHICANE topples over but doesn't roll due to its shape, wedging itself under the vehicle. This bollard is easy to set up and move thanks to a built-in lifting option at the top or recesses at the bottom