Apr 18 - 2024

Portrait of Ib Mogensen

Ib Mogensen, direktør i out-sider
Ib Mogensen grew up on SydFyn, where, as a child, he was fascinated by the Donald Duck character Gyro Gearloose, who inspired him with his humorous ingenuity and innovative approach

In love with the urban space

Ib Mogensen, the director of out-sider, has for several years now made his footprint on city life in Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole. With a solid engineering background and previous experience from renowned companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Louis Poulsen Lighting, and Thorn & Jakobsson, Ib Mogensen has found his inspiration in childhood fascination for Donald Duck’s character, Gyro Gearloose. This fascination has shaped his unique approach to urban space design. out-sider distinguishes itself by having a sharp focus on the creation of functional and technologically advanced urban space furniture that promotes sustainability and intelligent use of outdoor spaces.

Ib Mogensen has been a first mover in urban space design, and his creations have achieved iconic status throughout Europe and the world. The LOOP series, with its colorful and elegant design, has received several prestigious awards, including the IF Design Award.

Ib Mogensen ispassionate about Danish urban design. And with the same passion for out-sider, who work closely with designers and architects to deliver innovative solutions to urban environments worldwide.

Since 2007, Ib Mogensen has actively worked to promote social cohesion in urban spaces and inspire sustainable design solutions, including an exciting research project in collaboration with Danish Technical University, DTU. Today, Ib Mogensen is the majority shareholder, CEO, and responsible for product development at out-sider

We focus on a creative approach and process when it comes to designing, producing, and delivering urban space elements – furniture made for cityscape and public environments. We always strive to be innovative and develop our concepts, ideas, and products
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