A bench for play, sitting, and resting for the playground
Imagine lounging, leaning back, or playing on this element that can evoke thoughts of anything from a ghost, an iceberg, or even a camel. It's as if a lounge chair, a seat, a backrest, and a creative plaything have merged into one

Creativity and comfort

With its soft and inviting form, The Rock is designed to create distinctive environments, whether in parks, on the beach, or on playgrounds. This versatile piece of furniture invites relaxation and play while adding a touch of creativity to any outdoor space

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Chill out, lean back or play around on this fun element that can be associated with a ghost or an iceberg
Material: Molded in fiberglass reinforced polyester.
Dimensions: L1700 x B1400 x H650mm.
Fixation: For surface and ground fixation.

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RAL 9010

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Technical data

Molded in 4mm fiberglass reinforced polyester.
UV-resistant (minimal fading by the sun), robust and wind and weather resistant.

L1700 x B1400 x H650mm.
L1700 x B1400 x H650mm.
Seats: 1-2.

The Rock can be fixed to to ground in three ways: buried in 200mm depth, cast into concrete, or mounted with screws to the surface (8 pieces of M5 screws).


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134 0150 The Rock, white / 20kg


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Designed By
Designed By

I am very interested in the world of objects and how people build emotional links naturally. It depends on shapes and colors, in the experience of use and in the identity that you want to show using them. As a designer I try to manage these concepts by the right use of materials and processes.

When you stop to take a rest while trekking in the mountains, the ideal thing is to find a comfy rock to sit or lean on. I decided to turn over the situation and think about how the ideal rock should be, The Rock is the answer.

The Rock works well both as urban furniture and as a garden ornament

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