Ellen, Electric Driven Ferry


Ellen: Pioneer electric ferry with 100% CO2-neutral operation, equipped with a total of 8 PLATEAU picnic tables providing approximately 100 seats

The four-year project behind Ellen, the first 100% electrically powered and CO2-neutral ferry of its kind, was supported by EU funds and Ærø Municipality. Its unique feature includes 50 tons of batteries in the cargo hold, powering this 60-meter-long ‘diva’. Sustainability has been the keyword for implementing the Electric Ferry project, valued at 224 million Danish kroner, highlighted by lightweight materials such as fiberglass and furniture, including out-sider’s PLATEAU outdoor furniture, which is robust and elegant. With almost 100 seats provided by 8 PLATEAU tables, passengers can enjoy the beautiful view during Ellen’s journey through Danish waters.

For the ferry’s director, Keld M. Møller, out-sider’s PLATEAU was an obvious choice. Robust and UV-resistant, yet slim and elegant in its design, it aligns with the overall concept perfectly. The 8 PLATEAU tables from out-sider are neatly arranged on the deck, providing seating for nearly 100 passengers to enjoy the beautiful views while Miss Ellen steadily navigates through the Danish waters

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PLATEAU Picnic is a table and bench set that elevates aesthetics with its slim design and organic shapes, and creates a pleasant contrast in the often square urban structures and spaces. PLATEAU presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. There are three PLATEAU Picnic versions available, each offering a different accessibility solution, so everyone can feel welcome.