Leeds Waterfront

Leeds, UK

The Calls is a hip waterfront area in Leeds, attracting lots of creative people and businesses. In a small passageway, a cosy urban spot has been created by adding an installation of bright green Boa, adding some life and colour to what used to be a rather uninteresting space

The landscape architects Yorkshire Design Group says: “It’s been a pleasure to do this project, as it has been a simple but successful intervention using great design in the right place. Ten minutes after we installed them, they were already in use, and have since been happily adopted by the locals and the passers-by”


#138 BOA

BSAA Architects

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Boa is a new interpretation of the traditional table-bench combination in a funky and modern style. It expands the boundaries of what we normally expect from furniture in public spaces. Its functional and sculptural nature adds not only a visual appeal but also a playful dimension to the surroundings