May 30 - 2024

Kortlæg byens perler

Map the city's hidden gems so that we can expand the capacity of the urban space - it's also sustainable

Many cities have a wealth of beautiful and popular parks, squares, squares and viewpoints that Copenhageners and visitors enjoy and use every day. But on the days when the sun is at its best, problems quickly arise because we often and involuntarily gather in groups that are too large. We have repeatedly experienced this at, among others, Islands Brygge, Dronning Louises Bro and in Nørrebroparken.
If there is to be room for everyone, then we must rethink how much of the city can be used. All cities have a number of hidden or unknown squares, corners or grassy areas, which in the beginning could be obvious to stay in for both short and long periods of time. These are precisely the places we will have to think about if we want the summer to slide, because the alternative means more bans and closures, which neither serves the city nor its citizens.

Map the city’s hidden gems
The problem with the unused areas around is precisely that they are often hidden or unknown to most people. But they exist. And here both the municipality, local associations and citizens can help to identify the places that can contribute to expanding the urban space. And if you really want a summer where everyone can enjoy the urban space, you can decorate the new oases for little money so that they become inviting breathing holes for the city’s citizens. My hope is therefore that municipalities, foundation groups and others who work for and with the city space will allocate funds to support the expansion of the city space, for example with temporary setups that may just last the summer and possibly be easily moved to other places later. Or perhaps converted into a permanent urban space. The idea is not that the entire city must be completely renovated, but rather that we focus on temporary solutions for a temporary situation. Put up products that can’t be immediately stolen, and then we’re actually already there.
New oases have added the advantage that the whole city is used, and we can get life out into new areas, which in the long run can benefit the city with even more of the good life. So, dear municipalities that want a city for everyone: start mapping your city’s hidden gems – and involve the citizens in the process. Together we can expand the city’s space and welcome spring/summer