Delimitation of areas
Obstruct concrete plinths frame streets, squares, and temporary events where there is a need to create security without disfiguring the cityscape. An organic concrete plinth with three contiguous islands, non-directional and set up in formations creates smaller spaces or paths between the products

Also functions as a bench

The shape and height of 55 cm invite a stay that supports a vibrant and inviting urban space and can replace the current concrete barriers placed in the city streets as temporary traffic calming measures. An exciting option is also available: Obstruct can be equipped with a seat, which not only enhances comfort but also adds an extra dimension to its design.

One of the advantages of Obstruct is that it does not require attachment to the terrain, providing great mobility. This means it can be used to secure temporary events, gatherings, meetings, and other areas where traffic regulation is needed, and a desire to create safety for pedestrians

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Støbt hvid/grå/sort vådbeton med stålarmering.
Robust overfor påvirkninger som slitage og vejrlig.
Beton er et dynamisk materiale og der kan med tiden
forekomme mindre kosmetiske svindrevner.
3 x M16 indstøbte gevind i toppen anvendes til fastgørelse af
dekorative sæder, lys, skilte og andre
add-on elementer efter frit valg.
Øjeboltene monteres også i 3 x M16.
Dimension: 2300 x 1230 x 550 mm.
Siddehøjde 550mm.

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Approx. RAL
White (standard color)

RAL 9003

Grey (variant color)

RAL 7004

Antracite (variant color)

RAL 7016

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Technical data

Molded white/black/grey poured, armoured concrete. Highly durable and weather-resistant.
Concrete is a dynamic material. Minor shrinkage cracks may occur over time.

2300 x 1230 x 550mm. Seating height 550mm.

Positions directly on the ground. Hollows in the bottom for forklifts and 3 x M16 threads in the top for 3-point lifting. Weight of 1.5 ton eliminates need for mounting. Obstruct can be stacked for transportation.

Maintenance free. We recommend anti-graffiti coating to ensure easy removal of dirt and tags.

Available in white, grey or black concrete – or dyed to client specifications.
Extra units may be mounted in the 3 x M16 threads in the top of each unit.

3 x M16 steel eyebolts – stainless or painted red.

Design protection
Registered EUIPO, design number 004724045-0001.

Product code
324 0150 Obstruct hvid / 1,5 ton.

900 L110 Steel eyebolt M16, red powder painted.
900 L111 Steel eyebolt M16, stainless steel.
900 L112 Steel eyebolt M16, hot galvanized.


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