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Temporary urban spaces while we wait for the cities

More and more people are still moving to the city. This results in constant change and development in urban areas, requiring renovations and new constructions. Between the upcoming and ongoing constructions lie the temporary urban spaces, increasingly utilized as part of this development. By & Havn, as the developer, has recently established a temporary urban space with input from residents, associations, and business entities in the district. Common desires expressed included more greenery, additional places for relaxation and gathering, street food and retail options, enhanced safety-oriented lighting, art, and playful elements. Based on these desires, By & Havn initiated temporary measures such as benches with integrated lighting, sculptural seating furniture and light installations, trees, food trucks, eco-cabinets, etc.

Portrait of Ib Mogensen

Ib Mogensen, the director of Out-sider, has significantly influenced city life in Copenhagen and Denmark for years with his unique approach to urban space design. He has created iconic, sustainable urban furniture, including the award-winning LOOP series. Despite his age, his passion for urban space design remains strong, and he actively works towards promoting social cohesion and sustainable solutions in urban environments. Out-sider continues to be a dynamic company collaborating with designers and architects to create innovative solutions for cities worldwide

out-sider spreads light over Karen Blixen’s square

Karen Blixen's Square is an impressive flagship project in architecture, design, and innovative solutions in Denmark. At out-sider, we are incredibly proud to have played a significant role in the project. In collaboration with HSM Industri, we have designed unique bike racks that offer a total of 2,100 new parking spaces at Karen Blixen's Square

Plateau Picnic Duo nominated for Danish Design Award 2022

Great news! We are proud to be nominated for the Danish Design Award 2022 in the category 'Feel Good Furniture' for the design of the PLATEAU Picnic Duo in collaboration with Holscher Design.

out-siders urban space furniture now as BIM objects

Do you work with Building Information Modeling BIM? Then we have exciting news! At a time when the construction industry is digitizing rapidly, BIM plays a decisive role in refining the collaboration between all parties involved. Introducing our latest ground-breaking addition: BIM objects for urban space furniture, now available in both Revit and Archicad. Our dedicated team is working on producing more BIM objects, but we have a handful ready for immediate use. With our solutions, you will be able to shape the urban space of the future with ease and precision.

The Nordics region’s first ecolabelled outdoor furniture in recycled plastic

How do we design the urban space in a sustainable way?

To furnish urban spaces in a sustainable manner is not just a trend but a necessity. Today, we are witnessing a movement within the construction industry where the focus is shifting towards a sustainable approach to product development and production. But what does this mean for the design of our urban spaces? In three exciting projects presented at the seminar, the focus was not only on changing the urban environment but also on changing people's behavior. This is the key to creating sustainable projects that truly make a difference.

LOOP, part of Danish Design

'Danish Design' by Thomas Dickson is a comprehensive exploration of the fascinating history of Danish design, ranging from the magnificent Viking ships to the streamlined, modern furniture classics. First published in 2007, this book has served as a source of inspiration and insight for design enthusiasts worldwide. Now updated and republished, it is an honor for us to be included! We are incredibly proud that LOOP has joined this distinguished company of true Danish design icons

Map the city’s hidden gems

Map the city's hidden gems so that we can expand the capacity of the urban space - it's also sustainable
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