May 30 - 2024

Temporary urban spaces while we wait for the cities

More and more people are still moving to the city, causing cities constantly changing and developing. Between the upcoming and existing buildings, there are urban spaces furnished for temporary use, providing a great supplement to the permanent urban spaces

Creation of temporary urban space

Ørestad South has been and continues to be one of the newer districts undergoing rapid development. It is precisely here that By & Havn (City & Port Development) has just established a temporary urban space with input from citizens, associations, and local businesses. In the autumn of 2021, By & Havn was invited to several open workshops, where residents and other interested parties could submit wishes and ideas for temporary and permanent urban spaces on the wide-pavement areas along Asger Jorns Allé.

Most of their inputs underlined a need for more planting, seating and socializing spaces, street food and retail, security-related lighting, art, and playing elements. Based on the inputs, By & Havn initiated temporary initiatives such as benches with lights, sculptural urban furniture, light installations, trees, food trucks, eco-cabinets, etc.


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We have chosen to use the round Loop Light benches in Ørestad South, as they meet three important requirements from the residents. They can be used for seating and strengthening of social interaction, provide light and security and they have a fun form that gives life to the area.' Says Jane Hegner Mortensen from By & Havn

Loop Light benches: Design icon in the urban space

By & Havn sent out a questionnaire a few months ago, giving residents the opportunity to evaluate the urban space installations. The goal was to learn more about what works well and what doesn’t. There were 223 persons who took part in the survey and answered questions sharing their views on urban trees, benches, light installations, decorations on fences, food trucks and eco cabinets. Read the result here

Consider getting on the metro to Ørestad south, and get a delicious meal from Argentina, the Philippines, or another exciting place in the world.

Enjoy the food or a break on the luminous LOOP benches. A product family which is ideal for both permanent and temporary furnishing in the urban environment

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