Te Ara Ātea Library

Rolleston, New Zealand

A colorful break for play and socializing!

Enjoy these fantastic images of an outdoor play/socializing space at Rolleston Library Te Ara Ātea, just south of Christchurch in New Zealand. The vibrant colours of out-sider’s products are even more visible when placed in an inviting and colourful setting!

#135 Loop Circle  / Design AART Designers
#137 Loop Arc / Design AART Designers
#157 HopOp500  / Design out-sider
#141 HopOp / Design out-sider

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The LOOP family comprises a wide range of modular elements, offering endless possibilities for assembling interesting spatial configurations that foster creative and social interaction. Play or sit on, beside, and between. There are 16 different polyethylene modules available in 10 colors, all made of low-maintenance material