Royal Holloway University

London, UK

The perfect marriage between design and classic architecture, where both form, function, and color were crucial for the selection of outdoor furniture

A modern library was to merge with the beautiful old main building at the Royal Holloway University of London. The location is steeped in history, and next to the library lies the impressive Gothic Revival Grade I Listed Founders Building, an imposing structure from 1881 designed by William Crossland. Consequently, there was a strong emphasis on the outdoor furniture blending into both the new and old surrounding buildings and landscape, where form, function, and color were all important factors in the choice of outdoor furniture. Additionally, accessibility and numerous seating were requirements due to the university accommodating 9,000 students at Royal Holloway University


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PLATEAU Picnic is a table and bench set that elevates aesthetics with its slim design and organic shapes, and creates a pleasant contrast in the often square urban structures and spaces. PLATEAU presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. There are three PLATEAU Picnic versions available, each offering a different accessibility solution, so everyone can feel welcome.