Children's playground at BKUS Hospital

Riga, Latvia

At, we take pride in delivering top-quality outdoor furniture. Recently, we had the privilege of supplying out-sider's Plateau Picnic Round to the Children's Playground at BKUS Hospital in Riga, Latvia

These picnic tables are more than just furniture; they are a source of joy, comfort, and community for the children and their families at the hospital. Manufactured by out-sider, these tables provide a safe and inviting space for children to enjoy outdoor play and share precious moments with their loved ones. out-sider’s PLATEAU PICNIC ROUND goes beyond being just an outdoor table; it symbolizes care, creating a pleasant and secure environment for the children during their time at the hospital. We are honored to contribute to the well-being of the children and their families at BKUS Hospital in Riga, Latvia, by providing them with these exceptional picnic tables. We look forward to more opportunities to make a positive difference in our local community and beyond

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Create unforgettable moments with Plateau Picnic Round, the perfect table and bench set for social gatherings, accommodating up to six people around the round table. Plateau Picnic Round boasts a simple design and smart functionalities such as easy access, space for a wheelchair, and the option to place a light source, umbrella, or similar item in the center of the table