Our PLATEAU bench and table set has made it to Holland! The picture shows PLATEAU in olive green on a beautiful wooden terrace on the lakeshore at the Nyenrode Business University: an excellent...
The LOOP Table adds yet a new set of functions for the LOOP, creating a cosy little bench-and-table set. Small, versatile and maintenance free! Comes in a variety of colours - ideal for schools,...
With a high pressure cleaner and bit of manpower, you can make LOOP great again! Get convinced by our little video, or get our simple instructions as a PDF.



Plateau is basically a table surrounded by an integrated bench to invite social interaction. Its graphic, minimalist expression is rooted in Scandinavian design traditions.. The combination of round and rectangular shapes = optimum utilization of space 12 seats = low...


Eat, enjoy and talk! The combination of Loop Cone at the centre of 6 surrounding HopOp 500 opens up new opportunities for creating small, informal seating groups. A table-and-bench set where form, material and colour unite to form fun, maintenance-free...


The idea bank consists of products that have not yet been put into production or are custom made. ORB Sea is a luminous underwater element reacting to the sounds of the city. ORB Sea is a family of water lights...