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Summer Break

Team out-sider is looking forward to a long summer relaxation in the hammock! Our office is closed from July 20 – Aug 4. We wish you all a great summer :)
The PLATEAU picnic table joins the graduation festivities at the Royal Holloway University of London. 14 x PLATEAU picnic tables creates a fine outdoor study space, by the new university library...



PLATEAU presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. Designed to provide numerous seats in socially oriented formations, Plateau is produced from durable materials requiring no other maintenance than soap and water. Three...
HPL og handicapventlig bænk


Eat, enjoy and talk! The combination of Loop Cone at the centre of 6 surrounding HopOp 500 opens up new opportunities for creating small, informal seating groups. A table-and-bench set where form, material and colour unite to form fun, maintenance-free...


OBSTRUCT concrete plinths are designed for streets, squares and temporary installations that call for a combination of security and low visual impact. These organically shaped concrete plinths feature 3 adjoining 'islands'. Elements are non-directional and may be arranged in formations...


The idea bank consists of products that have not yet been put into production or are custom made. ORB Sea is a luminous underwater element reacting to the sounds of the city. ORB Sea is a family of water lights...