PLATEAU makes room for all in urban space! Seats many - and now it's suitable for wheelchairs as well. out-sider launched the PLATEAU series of outdoor furniture last year in cooperation with...
The LOOP Table adds yet a new set of functions for the LOOP, creating a cosy little bench-and-table set. Small, versatile and maintenance free! Comes in a variety of colours - ideal for schools,...
With a high pressure cleaner and bit of manpower, you can make LOOP great again! Get convinced by our little video, or get our simple instructions as a PDF.



PLATEAU presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. Designed to provide numerous seats in socially oriented formations, Plateau is produced from durable materials requiring no other maintenance than soap and water. Three...


Eat, enjoy and talk! The combination of Loop Cone at the centre of 6 surrounding HopOp 500 opens up new opportunities for creating small, informal seating groups. A table-and-bench set where form, material and colour unite to form fun, maintenance-free...


The idea bank consists of products that have not yet been put into production or are custom made. ORB Sea is a luminous underwater element reacting to the sounds of the city. ORB Sea is a family of water lights...