Lightspot, Special Project


The idea behind LightSpot is to create a series of urban furniture pieces that can interact with each other and the city's inhabitants. We call these pieces LightSpots, both because they can create spaces in the city squares and because they invite new forms of social interaction in urban spaces

This project, conducted by Aarhus School of Architecture in collaboration with Kollision, out-sider, Mads Walberg, Aarhus Municipality, and Martin Professional, is supported by Realdania. It’s currently set up temporarily in the city center of Aarhus and will subsequently be tested in other cities and configurations before potential market introduction as a standard product.

LightSpot is conceived as a series of urban furniture pieces designed to interact with both each other and the city’s residents. These pieces, referred to as LightSpots, aim to create spaces within city squares and encourage new forms of social interaction: exploration, informal meeting spots, play, curiosity, and relaxation. In the evening, the LightSpots emit a soft glow, inviting people to linger. When someone sits on the furniture, it illuminates even more, forming a circle of light around the person sitting on it or nearby. At specific times, an additional light source activates, projecting a precise beam of light from a slit in the furniture’s side. As the furniture can rotate, these laser beams trigger various interactions between LightSpots (color changes, sound effects, etc.)


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What does the flask mean?

25% = Early sketch from the designer or out-sider, therefore only an idea or concept and yet no details. An estimated price for a specific quantity can be requested

50% = Sketch or visualization from the designer or out-sider. It can also be delivered as a one-off product. Prices with quantities can be requested

75% = Prototype or product, often executed as a special delivery and therefore only missing optimizations, data, and more details. Prices with quantities can be requested

100% = A standard product that is fully completed in all aspects and can often be found in our price list