RHS Wisley Gardens

Surrey, UK

Sustainable lighting at RHS Wisley Gardens with solar energy, illuminating the darker areas of the well-visited garden

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden (RHS) in Wisley, Surrey, is one of five gardens operated by the Royal Horticultural Society and the second most visited garden for paying guests in England, with an average of 1.1 million visitors annually. Established in 1903, Wisley Gardens spans 240 acres, showcasing a diverse array of plantings. For this project, our local partner, Artform Urban Furniture, took on the task of providing a range of solar-powered lighting elements. The objective was to illuminate darker areas of the gardens, providing guidance for visitors. This is where out-sider’s Point Sun and Sunstone came into play.

Point Sun and Sunstone are 100% cable-free, self-charging, solar-powered light sources that contribute significant sustainable value from an environmental perspective, relying solely on renewable energy from the sun. As a result, visitors and staff can now safely navigate the gardens, thanks to eco-friendly lighting

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Point Sun is smart solar-powered light bollard that functions as both guiding and ambient lighting, providing illumination without the need for cables or connection to the power grid. At dusk, Point Sun automatically switches on, emitting its gentle light throughout the evening and night, adjusted according to the amount of sunlight collected during the day. The light turns off again at dawn