To personer der sidder i læ under paraplyen på et Plateau Picnic Duo bordbænkesæt på en cafe To personer der sidder i læ under paraplyen på et Plateau Picnic Duo bordbænkesæt på en cafe


Plateau Picnic Duo

Maintenance-free picnic table for small urban spaces
Grøn illustration af Plateau Picnic Duo oppefra
Looking for a simple design that fits two people? The Plateau Picnic Duo is the intimate member of the PLATEAU family. Coupling simplicity with sophistication, this piece of furniture is an ideal solution, serving as both an informal workspace where creativity can flow freely or as a cozy meeting place for two who wants to share special moments

A design fit for two

Plateau Picnic Duo is smart and functional table with two small seats. Designed with a cool steel tube that adds an exciting yet minimalist touch to the overall form.   

The PLATEAU family is constructed using compact laminate and hot-dip galvanized steel – strong materials that require minimal maintenance and ensure a long life 

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To personer der sidder i læ under paraplyen på et Plateau Picnic Duo bordbænkesæt på en cafe

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Et nær billede af et brunt Plateau Picnic Street bordbænkesæt i regnvejr

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Et brunt Plateau Picnic Duo i aftenens skær, belyst med et Plateau Point Sun lyskilde

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Et nærbillede af et brunt Plateau Picnic Duo bordbænkesæt, hvor man kan se mad og en kvindes hånd holde en kop kaffe

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En kvinde der bruger sin computer på en cafe. Hun sidder på et brunt Plateau Picnic Duo bordbænkesæt

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Plateau Picnic Duo

Maintenance-free picnic table/seat for 2 persons.
Material: Robust seat/table, multi-layered and dyed 12mm compact laminate (HPL) in 6 colours. Highly UV- and weather-resistant. Frame: Hot galvanized steel.
Dimensions:  1250 x 1250; H 700; Seat height 430 mm / 2 seats.
Fixation:  4 x Ø14 mm holes in legs for bolting. Fixation required.

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Approx. RAL
Stålblå farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#05 Steel blue

RAL 5024

#10 Patina Green

RAL 6000

Ca farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#22 Cave

RAL 7043

Corten farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#23 Corten

RAL 8011

Terracotta farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#25 Terracotta

RAL 3016

Golden Yellow farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#26 Golden Yellow

RAL 1018

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Technical data

Seat/tabletop: Robust, multilayer and coloured 12mm compact laminate (HPL) in 6 colours. Very UV and weather-resistant and solid mechanical quality and durability.
Frame/leg: hot-dip galvanized steel. Disc: Bead blasted stainless steel. Can be delivered with a customer-specified name/logo or other.

Lifespan up to 50 years.
Made from 65% surplus wood from Norwegian sawmills.
FSC® and PEFC certified.

1250 x 1250; H 700; Seat height 430 mm.
Seating: 2 people.

Assembly + fixation
Supplied partially mounted: Compact laminate and steel frames are pre-assembled, legs + steel discs are not mounted.
4 x Ø14 mm holes in legs for bolting. Fixation required.

Maintenance-free and easy to clean. Easy graffiti removal.

Compact laminate + frame/legs can be supplied as a variant in other colours.

Picnic O, I, L, Bench, Plinth, Seat, City Chair, Table Round, Table Picnic Round, Street.

Point Sun f. Plateau Duo.
Solar-powered lighting unit for mounting in the middle of the table instead of a disc.

Design protection
Registered EUIPO, design number 008731673-0001.

Product code
206 xx26 PLATEAU Duo, golden yellow HPL / galv.
206 xx18 PLATEAU Duo, olive HPL / galv.
206 xx05 PLATEAU Duo, steel blue HPL / galv.
206 xx25 PLATEAU Duo, terracotta HPL / galv.
206 xx23 PLATEAU Duo, corten HPL / galv.
206 xx22 PLATEAU Duo, cave HPL / galv.
326 Point Sun f.Plateau Duo incl. alu base.


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    Designed By
    Fem blå PLATEAU Picnic O bordbænkesæt placeret på stranden med mennesker, der nyder siddepladserne
    Designed By

    Holscher Design is one of Scandinavia’s most recognized, and award-winning design studios, with more than 25 years of experience. out-sider’s collaboration with Holscher Design began with a competition concerning the development of a radical new picnic table for public spaces, and Holscher’s winning proposal – PLATEAU – was chosen. The design has iconic and graphic qualities, while being a coherent, innovative piece of furniture with many seats – inviting people to interact with each other. Holscher’s intention was to create a product family, and it now counts 13 urban pieces of furniture.

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