Fire kvinder rundt om et bord, de drikker vin og snakker. Belysningen er to Plateau Point Sun Et nærbillede af en kvinde, der læser i mørkets skær belyst med Plateau Point Sun


Plateau Point Sun

Solar-powered lighting for urban spaces
Grøn illustration af Plateau Point Sun
Point Sun is a smart solar-powered light unit designed specifically for the Plateau Picnic tables. This innovative solar light serves both as a guide and atmosphere light, providing illumination without the need for cables or connection to electrical grid

Illuminate the darkness

At twilight, Point Sun automatically lights up, spreading its gentle glow through the evening and night, adjusted based on the amount of sunlight collected during the day. The light turns off again at dawn. A particular advantage of Point Sun is its solar-powered light feature, providing free illumination that is independent of traditional electrical sources and cables.

This makes Point Sun both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly for lighting in dark areas. With this innovative approach to lighting, Point Sun can contribute to creating an inviting and safe atmosphere around the Plateau Picnic tables, as well as other outdoor areas

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To kvinder ude i en gård, de sidder på Plateau Picnic Duo belyst med Plateau Point Sun

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Et brunt Plateau Picnic Duo i aftenens skær, belyst med et Plateau Point Sun lyskilde

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Et nærbillede af to Plateau Point

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En Plateau Point Sun ovenpå et Plateau Picnic Round bordbænkesæt

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Want a pricelist?

Plateau Point Sun

Solar powered light unit for installation on table/bench set.
Materials: Steel base, silver painted and light unit in UV-stabilized polycarbonate (PC), bottom in POM.
Light unit: Monocrystalline solar cells. 4 x LED. Battery for energy storage: NiMh. Intelligent processor, RTC clock.
Dimensions: ø80x 120mm

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Technical data

Materials + surfaces
Base: Aluminium, primed and painted in matte silver RAL 9006, gloss 10.
Light unit: Top in UV-stabilized polycarbonat (PC), bottom in polyoxymethylene (POM).

Dimensions & weight
Ø80 x H120 mm, weight: 1,0 kg.

Point Sun light unit
Solar cell: Monocrystalline, 300mW. Battery: NiMh, 3.6V/3.100mAh. LED: 4 x white, 3000K. Electronics: Intelligent processor controlled for optimum energy storage and light optimization incl. RTC-clock.

Light function
During daylight hours the solar energy gets stored on a battery – through a solar cell. At dusk the light will turn on (via a preset clock) and light up all evening and night, according to the charged energy. At sunrise the light will turn off again.
The light is omni-directional and directed horizontally and downwards to the Plateau Picnic table through a reflector and frosted cylinder.

Storage mode
Point Sun is delivered in ‘storage mode’. The electronic components are in sleep mode to conserve battery charge during delivery. When Point Sun has been exposed to daylight, or powerful artificial light, for approximately two hours, the product will automatically turn on in the evening.

Mechanical strength
IP-rating: IP 65 / IK-rating: IK 8 / Corrosion class: C4.

2 x elongated stainless steel discs are removed. Point Sun base is placed in the exposed holes. Fasten the Point Sun base with the bolts and nuts left over from the removal of the discs.
Light unit fixated by an attached M6mm security pin.

No maintenance, apart from occasional cleaning of the top and battery change.

+10 years, but battery is to be changed in approx. 5 years.

On request base is available in other RAL colours and Point Light in other light colours: blue, red, green, cool white.

Product code
#326 Point Sun f. Plateau Picnic O, I, L incl. base (2 pcs).
#326 Point Sun f. Plateau Picnic Round incl. base (1 pcs).
#326 Point Sun f. Plateau Picnic Street/Duo incl. base (1 pcs).


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