PLATEAU seats presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition.

Due to its special form, Plateau seats give several mounting possibilities. Seating for 1-4 persons depending on the length and side-table position. 

Plateau is produced from durable materials requiring no other maintenance than soap and water.

Holscher Design

In 2015 out-sider invited Holscher Design to participate in our competition to design the bench set of the future – and they won!

The winning proposal was primarily selected for its graphic and iconic basic form, yet it was also a cohesive, innovative piece of furniture featuring a large number of seats facing one another. After a couple of minor adjustments Plateau was created in 2016.

PLATEAU is design protected.

Technical data

3 different lengths: 900, 1250 and 1800mm, robust, multi-layered and dyed 12mm HPL (high pressure laminate) available in 5 colours and 2 textured surfaces.
Highly UV- and weather-resistant, solid mechanical quality and durability.
Frame and montage flange: Hot galvanized steel
Disc: Bead blasted stainless steel.
Side-table: ø270mm high pressured laminate table/armrest surface and ø42mm tube in hot galvanized steel

900mm: 900L x 350B x 45H mm, seating: 1-2 people
1250mm: : 1250L x 350B x 45H mm, seating: 2-3 people
1800mm: : 1800L x 350B x 45H mm, seating: 3-4 people

Delivered partially assembled: HPL and steel frame are premounted, , mounting flange to be mounted on the concrete slabs/staircases.
Make sure to fasten seats on the mounting flange by using bolts and nuts – supplied together with a product.

Side-table: ø270mm side-table and armrest in one. Remove disc from a seat, mount side-table in the existing hole – use supplied bolts and nuts to fasten the side-table

177 Plateau Picnic O, I, L: table-bench set 6-10 people, open or closed bench, baby carriage and wheelchair friendly.
Accessories for Plateau Picnic: #189 SunHub, #190 TechHub, #326 Point Sun                                                                                                                        
#192 Plateau Bench: 5-6 people bench with backrest
#194 Plateau Wall: 5-6 people bench with backrest for wall mounting
#193 Plateau Plinth: 5-6 people bench without backrest                   

Maintenance-free and easy to clean. Graffiti removes easily.
All objects can be individually replaced in case of vandalism.

Design protection
Registered EU community design /number 0066282280003

Product code
195 01xx  PLATEAU Seat 900, HPL/galv./xx kg
195 xxxx  PLATEAU Seat 900, textur HPL/galv./xx kg
195 11xx  PLATEAU Seat 1250, HPL/galv./xx kg
195 xxxx  PLATEAU Seat 1250, textur, HPL/galv./xx kg
195 21xx  PLATEAU Seat 1800, HPL/galv./xx kg
195 xxxx  PLATEAU Seat 1800 textur, HPL/galv./xx kg

Standard colours
#23 Corten: RAL 8011
#22 Cave: RAL 7043
#21 Sky: RAL 7042
#5 Steel Blue: RAL 5024
#18 Olive: RAL 6013
#63 Corten Textured: RAL 8011
#62 Cave Textured: RAL 7043
#61 Sky Textured: RAL 7042