Sculptural bench with and without lights
Grøn illustration af LAVA
Lava's appealing design and organic forms exert a magnetic effect on both adults and children. Drawing inspiration from clouds and lava, it establishes an inviting atmosphere in the space, fostering creative expression or providing a moment of respite. Lava has no direction, and its function is not predetermined, thereby encouraging users to engage their imagination and follow their intuition

The city's cloud – also with lights

This cheerful furniture seats 5-7 persons and can be placed in various locations within urban spaces, parks, schools, institutions, or shopping centers.

Lava is also available in a version with lights. A striking feature that contributes to creating an ambiance in the space, bringing people together, and enlivening the environment

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Organically shaped cloud bench.
Material:  Rotation moulded polyethylene, dyed.
Dimensions:  L2600 x B1200 x H500mm
Lava sits directly on the floor/terrain. 6 adjustable feet are provided for indoor use.
Fittings for mounting must be ordered separately.

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Approx. RAL
#01 Red (standard color)

RAL 3020

#03 Orange (standard color)

RAL 1008

Beige (variant color)

RAL 1014

Green Modo (variant color)

RAL 180 60 10

Blue Notte (variant color)

RAL 5003

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Technical data

Rotation moulded polyethylene, dyed. Moulded in one piece. UV-resistant, stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling.

L2600 x B1200 x H500mm
Weight: 40 kg


Lava sits directly on the floor/terrain. Adjustable feet are provided for indoor use. Fittings for mounting must be ordered separately.

This product withstands most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. The colour can be revived using vinyl cleaner or similar.

Product code
173 0101 Lava Red/ 40kg
173 0103 Lava Orange / 40kg
173 0102 Lava Modo Green / 40kg
173 0143 Lava Beige / 40kg
173 0105 Lava Notte Blue/ 40kg
900 B021 Brackets for ground fixation
900 B031 Brackets for surface fixation


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Designed by
Designed by

“I believe that we could be living in an entirely different world – one that is full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces, places, worlds, spirits and experiences. Design is not about solving problems, but about a rigorous beautification of our built environments.
I concentrate on the functionality but the design must also include a human touch – something soft that touches you and makes you feel good.”

Karim Rashid was inspired by clouds and flowing lava when designing the LAVA seating unit.
Since LAVA has no predetermined function its use is left up to the imagination and intuition of the users.

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