Et plateau picnic I bord i grønne omgivelser, hvor fire personer spiser frokost Seks Plateau Picnic I borde


Plateau Picnic I

Maintenance-free picnic table, also for wheelchairs
PLATEAU Picnic is a table and bench set that elevates aesthetics with its slim design and organic shapes, and creates a pleasant contrast in the often square urban structures and spaces. PLATEAU presents a stringent - almost graphic - expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. There are three PLATEAU Picnic versions available, each offering a different accessibility solution, so everyone can feel welcome

Picnic table for wheelchairs

Plateau Picnic I is designed with two benches encircling the table like parentheses, providing space for a wheelchair at each end of the table. It accommodates 6-8 individuals, including space for two individuals in wheelchairs.

With a selection of 6 colors, this furniture piece offers both a visual and functional presence in urban spaces, schools, and parks, depending on whether the color is intended to blend in or stand out. Plateau Picnic I doesn’t just offer aesthetics but also durability, as the materials – compact laminate and hot-dip galvanized steel – require no maintenance


Otte blå Plateau Picnic I borde i række blandt 6 store, grønne træer i Nordhavn

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Et plateau picnic I bord i grønne omgivelser, hvor fire personer spiser frokost

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En kørestol ved et sort Plateau Picnic I bord

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Et nærbillede af et blåt plateau picnic I bord, hvor man kan se brandlogo

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Seks blå Plateau Picnic I borde i en gård med store grønne træer, her sidder fire personer ned

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Fire personer ved et Plateau Picnic L bordbænkesæt, de griner og har det godt

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Plateau Picnic I

Maintenance-free picnic table.
Material: Seat/tabletop, multi-layered, and dyed 12mm compact laminate in 6 colours.
Highly UV- and weather-resistant. Frame: Hot galvanized steel.
Dimensions: L2460 x B1830. Seat height: 430mm.
Seats 6-8 persons.
Fixation: 4 x Ø14mm holes. For surface fixation.

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Approx. RAL
Stålblå farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#05 Steel blue

RAL 5024

Olivengrøn farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#18 Olive

RAL 6013

Ca farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#22 Cave

RAL 7043

Corten farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#23 Corten

RAL 8011

Terracotta farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#25 Terracotta

RAL 3016

Golden Yellow farveprøve til PLATEAU produkt
#26 Golden Yellow

RAL 1018

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Technical data

Seat/tabletop: robust, multi-layered and dyed 12mm compact laminate available in 6 colours. Highly UV- and weather-resistant, solid mechanical quality and durability. Frame: Hot galvanized steel. Disc: Bead blasted stainless steel.

L2460 x B1830 x H730mm.
Seats 6-8 including two wheelchairs.

4 x Ø14mm holes. For surface fixation.

#197 Plateau backrest f. Plateau Picnic O, I, L: Backrest in the same material, colours etc. can easily be mounted on both sides of the picnic table. It consists of a backrest in HPL. and a hot galvanized steel frame to be fixated on the lower side of the seats with screws (attached). 1.9m long and 0.3m high.

Frame + compact laminate are available in other colours.

Bench, Plinth, Wall, Seat, City Chair, Picnic Round, Table Round, Duo, Street.

Maintenance-free and easy to clean. Graffiti removes easily.

Design Protection
Registered EU community design /
number 0033426090002

Product code
177 2126  PLATEAU Picnic I, golden yellow HPL/galv./105 kg.
177 2118  PLATEAU Picnic I, olive HPL/galv./105 kg.
177 2105  PLATEAU Picnic I, steel blue HPL/galv./105 kg.
177 2125  PLATEAU Picnic I, terracotta HPL/galv./105 kg.
177 2123  PLATEAU Picnic I, corten HPL/galv./105 kg.
177 2122  PLATEAU Picnic I, cave HPL/galv./105 kg.
197 xxxx PLATEAU Backrest f. Picnic O/I/L.


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Designed By
Fem blå PLATEAU Picnic O bordbænkesæt placeret på stranden med mennesker, der nyder siddepladserne
Designed By

Holscher Design is one of Scandinavia’s most recognized, and award-winning design studios, with more than 25 years of experience. out-sider’s collaboration with Holscher Design began with a competition concerning the development of a radical new picnic table for public spaces, and Holscher’s winning proposal – PLATEAU – was chosen. The design has iconic and graphic qualities, while being a coherent, innovative piece of furniture with many seats – inviting people to interact with each other. Holscher’s intention was to create a product family, and it now counts 13 urban pieces of furniture.

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